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Vertically Arrayable Loudspeaker

VX90 is a three-way, vertically arrayable loudspeaker with four Funktion-One designed Neodymium drivers in a horizontally symmetric configuration.


It features two reflex loaded, high efficiency 12″ mid bass drivers, one Axhead loaded wide bandwidth 8″ cone midrange driver, and one 1″ compression driver on a proprietary isophase diffraction waveguide.


Deep Powerful Bass Reflex Performance

BR (Bass Reflex) range is recommended for indoor venues and smaller outdoor events, where Funktion-One’s signature bass sound is required at close range.


Extremely well braced enclosure for clean bass performance. Robust powder coated steel grille. Integral handles. Construction 18mm birch plywood. M20 threaded pole mount plate and wheels optional


High Intensity Bass Performance

F221 delivers physicality with accuracy for truly involving musical experiences.


F221 is the proven choice for large scale events, with exceptionally high sensitivity and electroacoustic energy efficiency.


Radical and Accurate Two-Way Loudspeaker

Res 1 is a radical, 2-way loudspeaker enclosure, resulting from Tony Andrews’ 40 years pioneering research and development of high efficiency cone midrange.


Its unique Funktion-One 5” wide-range driver eliminates the need for a compression driver with the associated harshness and distortion. In conjunction with the dedicated Axhead loaded waveguide, the Res 1 smoothly reproduces both midrange and high frequencies with exceptional coherency and detail.


Full Range, Sonic Excellence

Res 2 is an entirely horn-loaded, full range loudspeaker enclosure.


It comprises a 15” driver for bass, an 8” for midrange and a 1” for high frequencies. Funktion-One’s waveguide and driver technology produces clear, involving and powerful sound.


High Power DJ Monitoring

PSM318 DJ Monitor delivers outstanding full frequency output, accuracy and immediacy, setting a new benchmark for DJs looking for ultimate stage sound.


It comprises a new double 18” bass reflex enclosure – providing very strong near-field sub-bass – with a separate triple concentric enclosure for the rest of the frequency spectrum.

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